Samantha Caldwell Samantha Caldwell


January 23rd, 2021

Family Photos at Golden Hour

I’m so blessed to have this passion and career that allows me to get to capture so many special people. 

What’s really cool, is when I get to do it for my own friends & family. 

I got the chance to take photos of my boyfriend of 2 years & his family, whom I’ve come to love so much, and being trusted to capture their beautiful family was such an honor and so much fun.

This photoshoot was planned perfect, from outfits+props, location scouting, to arrival time for that perfect golden hour light.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about communication - between family members individually, and of course with some of my guidance.

When it’s time for family photos, there’s a few things to keep in mind: I’m here to capture the essence of your family. To capture your relationship, your interactions, and genuine display of who you are at that time.

It is so important to me to make this a fun experience for a family. Not everyone in the family is bound to feel the same way about getting photos taken - some love it and some hate it. And trust me, I get it. To make it easier for you I will pose you step by step and give you pointers on movements and facial expressions. 

Heck, sometimes I may even make you crack a laugh or two.In my experience, I find the more I interact, and the more I prompt those naturals movements and facial expressions - that’s when the magic happens.

And I know you’re gonna ask: but how are we supposed to dress?

I have one rule only and a few suggestions

# 1 Rule: not all blue jeans and white shirts!
I’m joking, I’m joking.But I want your family to stand out! Represent YOU!

Outfit Tips & Suggestions:

Coordinating colors: Avoid the cheesy matchy match photos! Not every color works for every family member. Mix & match colors that compliment each other but are not uniform. 

Patterns: plaids, stripes, florals, etc. You can even mix-and-match them, and don’t be afraid to layer them with your solids!

Appropriate shoes: More often than not, closed-toed shoes are best. For safety, looks, and the amount of style options. Of course there is some location instances or style inspiration that may call for barefoot or sandal attire. 

Textures: I’m all about mix of textures! Some example of this is jeans, a fuzzy jacket, silk, cotton, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix! 

Layers: With family sessions, especially with children, it can be hard to get multiple outfits in one photoshoot. But I’m on my clients side so I like to tell them all about the secret of layering, and using this tactic to unveil different versions of an outfit. A quick and easy way to change up your look throughout our shoot.