Samantha Caldwell Samantha Caldwell


January 25th, 2021

How To Take iPhone Photos

First things first: have you heard of Urban Buzz?

Because if you haven’t - I’m introducing you now, and you can thank me later.

Small little drive thru coffee shop in SWFL located near downtown Cape Coral - and it lives up to it’s name. Since they’ve opened in 2020, right smack dab at the start of the pandemic…they have been a Cape Coral new found treasure, and people have not stopped buzzing about it. Including me.

And that’s where this story starts: Urban Buzz now sells Stuff-a-Bagel.

I know? Kind of a big deal, right?

I had an immediate idea in my head, and I just couldn’t shake it. For funzies purposes of course, but I really wanted to support a local small business I know & love personally. Photography is an amazing outlet I have found to support so many different people in so many different ways in life. I wasn’t about to let this moment be any different.

And no, I didn’t need to go crazy…well, maybe a little. I guess if you call bagels on a stick crazy….but I’m talking about I didn’t need a fancy DSLR camera of any sort to take these photos. Just my good ol’ iPhone.

For taking these photos, I did three things:

  1. Dress like T-bo from iCarly, as that was the inspiration for this photoshoot. One bag of bagels+one stick+a lot of hot glue.
    If you don’t know the reference, please see —> here.
  2. Grab my boyfriend, but you could always grab your tripod…or just something to lean your phone against, honestly.
  3. Shoot on my iPhone 11, with HDR settings off - and the .5 lens option turned on. This gives you a wide angle lens, perfect for scenery photos, and my personal favorite: fashion photos. The key to using the .5 lens while doing fashion photos, is crouching your camera down, and tiling your phone back to really play on the perspective making the landscape and you, look taller.

Tips & Tricks

      • Stay within the focal point, which is pretty much the center of the frame. If you stand too far out of the focal range, you risk looking kind of stretched out/distorted.
      • The wide angle lens will make you appear farther from the camera, so stay fairly close to get the dramatic perspective we’re going for.
      • When posing, this effect is really cool to include movement into the foreground. Whether it be flinging an accessory at the camera, kicking your leg, or angling yourself above the camera, it’s bound to create a more interesting “fashion” inspired photo.
      • If you’re by yourself taking photos, don’t fret. You have the self timer, an old classic - of course. But a personal favorite of mine: video. That’s right, taking a video…to get a picture. Ground breaking, I know. I did this even with my boyfriend present at one point, for sake of getting the perfect capture of the bagels flying.
          • Using video, you are able to screenshot different stills and capture different eye movements, hand placement changes, avoid blinking photos, etc that you may miss if you’re relying on the timer to catch the perfect moment.