Samantha Caldwell Samantha Caldwell


January 31st, 2021

Sunday Morning Sunrise Boudoir

                     How many of you have told yourself the following?

1.) I wish I had a special someone to take photos for (you don’t)

2.) I need to lose weight to do boudoir (are you kidding?)

3.) I need fancy new lingerie to boudoir (girl, we ballin on budgets)

4.) I don’t know how to pose (I got you)

I’m here to tell you, none of those thoughts should deter you from a boudoir shoot. How many of us say we’ll wait, and that wait turns into never doing it?

A boudoir session is a healing process, you get to fall in love with yourself all over again. When it comes to boudoir, I always tell my ladies - whether you have a significant other or not, at the end of the day this is for you. This is a gift to yourself AND them. A gift of reminding yourself of how empowering you really are, and flaunting it to them. 

Boudoir is an intimate session, allowing someone else to capture you through their eyes. Putting your full trust into someone else to show the most authentic & best you. Boudoir photography offers a way to see yourself in a new light. Boudoir is one of my favorite things to shoot, as I can never get over the reactions and shock, the famous: “that’s me?” That’s you.

Whether you want to take allusive, saucy, nude, or somewhere in between. A boudoir shoot is about what makes you comfortable and feel beautiful.

As the photographer, I am here to help you stylize, plan, and pose. I love to do this by creating a mood board for inspiration with clients. I want to get a full idea of your wants and needs. This is just as much your vision as it is my mine. 
I want to cohesively bring who you are and how I see you into one image.

I promise you, don’t wait.