Samantha Caldwell Samantha Caldwell


My name is Samantha Caldwell and I am a photographer living and thriving in SW Florida.

Start to finish I help my clients plan their photoshoot; inspiration, outfit ideas/guidance, makeup, posing direction, and fine tuned editing. Not stopping until every detail is noted and tended to, leaving you with less questions, less stress and more perfectly planned and prepared for photos. I want this to be an experience you never forget. 

My romance with photography began about ten years ago; I picked up a camera and fell in love with what I could capture and create. Over the years my passion has only gotten stronger as my knowledge expands and creativity matures. I'm a bit of a picture hoarder, which I guess makes sense. I'm obsessed with all the little details - and for me, that's what seeing the big picture is all about.

By the end of this I want us to seem like best friends, jamming to music and snapping pictures only we know the story behind. I want you to leave feeling like you had the time of your life. An experience you'll never forget, because you allowed me to freeze that moment in time, forever, for you.

Portrait by: RDE Productions